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Baumeister & Schack, represented by A&E Trading b.v. in the Benelux, produces a range of standard and customer-specific electrical products for many applications in the automotive, medical, machine and furniture industries. Baumeister is known throughout Europe for innovative design and high quality of production.


Ergonomics and process optimization in fabrication and line production

In many production plants the lifting systems from Baumeister & Schack became indispensable. They lift tools and workparts to the correct, needed height. They are compatible with most industrial profile systems and are well proven in rough surroundings. ESD versions are available as well.

Product examples:

  • Handling technology
  • Adjustable work benches
  • Mechanical engineering

Medical and healthcare technology

Highest precision for healthcare

Of course Baumeister & Schack fulfill the safety needs and standards for medical products. For ultimate perfection and convenience for the patient the lifting systems are vibration-free and smooth- running.

Product examples:

  • Ultrasonic- and X-Ray units
  • Patient rebedding
  • Therapy beds and chairs

Multi media technology

Presenting and visualizing up to date

A display gliding down from the ceiling, a screen moved into the right position or a projector correctly adjusted, the Baumeister & Schack products will offer great experiences.

Product examples:

  • TV-Lifts
  • Projector adjusting systems
  • Screen lifters

Special vehicle equipment

From the beginning on one of the core competences from Baumeister & Schack

Lift up a top, open up a flap or push out an extension, with the Baumeister & Schack actuators everything is possible. From delicate solutions to heavy uses, they offer the perfect relation between size, weight and power.

Product examples:

  • Horsetrucks
  • Camping cars
  • Caravans
  • Market tenders
  • Service trucks


Height adjustable tables and chairs

People are different, in size and needs. A comfortable chair for one is a torture for someone else, a table in the correct height for a basketball player does not fit a ballet dancer. With the Baumeister & Schack lifting systems we offer the right products for ergonomical and prophylactic working solutions.

Product examples:

  • Office and work desks
  • Adjustable chairs
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