Concens excellent electric inline actuators

Concens, represented by A&E Trading b.v., designs, develops, manufactures and sell electric in-line actuators (con35, con50 and con60). Keeping with Scandinavian design tradition, concens actuators have sleek, clean lines that complement any application and allow for optimal integration. Concens actuators are made of highest quality materials and are individually tested and approved. Concens actuators come in a variety of materials from aluminum to stainless steel for indoor and outdoor applications.

The concens actuator is a patented product of registered design that is capable of raising, lowering, lifting, pushing and pulling. Through innovation and design, the concens actuator has been created for use in a wide variety of applications. The product can be discreetly integrated into a number of environments into which rival products are unable to fit. The concens actuator is stable and reliable, suitable for the following market segments:

  • Medical
  • Industry
  • Rehab & Care
  • Agro & Food
  • Maritime & Off-shore
  • Office furniture
concens in-line actuators AISI
con35 and con50 AISI316
con60 and con35 AISI316
con35 and con50 AISI316

The concens actuator is a precision tool that can be integrated into sterile environments. The actuator design, with its rounded edges and linear shape means it is also easy to clean. In contrast to hydraulic systems, the concens actuator is easy and precise to operate. The concens actuator is also ideal for use in medical applications. Due to its simple design, it can be easily integrated. The actuator contributes to the lighting for moving heavy goods / persons. Despite its slender appearance, the concens actuator is a strong tool. Due to its silent noise level, slim design and variety in color, the concens actuator is also suitable for use in the office furniture market.

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