Customized workplace. What are your wishes?

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Office garden or garden room.


Health and productivity in the workplace. Office life in particular is strongly influenced by sitting. That is why it is important to choose variation at the right time. We like to think along in solutions. With our extensive range of table bases, we can offer an ergonomic workplace that keeps employees moving. Price-conscious with a crank solution, environmentally conscious with a gas spring or an electric solution with the convenience of a memory control. Get advice and see what is possible for you!

Work from home

Working from home can be very pleasant, but it is not an ideal situation for everyone. It requires the necessary flexibility. What requirements do you have for a home workplace?

Please take a look at our product overview for all possibilities.

Working dynamically

Every company has its own wishes and ideas. Choose a corner or duo solution. A large conference table or a small drawing table. A setup for a control room table or any other wish. We like to think along with you.

Please feel free to contact our sales staff for more information.

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