Gas pressure adjustable table frames

FlexiLift, Educate, HoFF KET



This frame is a bull’s eye! The innovative FlexiLift adapts quickly, quietly and smoothly to ergonomic requirements while at the same time offering high efficiency in everyday office life. Thanks to the innovative special gas pressure storage technology, the load of the desk can be variably changed for the first time. Maximum flexibility, which means that partitions, acoustic elements and computer holders can also be installed later.


As a pneumatic table base, the FlexiLift does not require any power. Annual maintenance, as required by law for electric frames, is not required. The extremely low storage and transport volume also helps FlexiLift to fully meet all environmental requirements of our time.

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Educate (school) table base

With one movement from table to desk. In accordance with the belief that early practice is the way to ensure success, Kesseböhmer has developed a special range of student frames that can be used both in schools and in children’s rooms to enable ergonomic working – the EDUCATE student desk frame.


The integrated gas spring makes it possible to configure an optimal working height in the blink of an eye; sitting and/or standing. Special attention has been paid to an extremely robust design and exceptional stability to withstand the challenging demands of school life. Particularly useful for group work: the frames are fitted with wheels on one side, so that they can be moved quickly and easily.

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Multifunctional spaces need versatile furniture. The innovative HoFF KET table base does this with ease. Infinitely adjustable via gas spring, adapts to ergonomic requirements within seconds and also has a foldable table top. The special design ensures synchronous adjustment of both columns, even in the case of off-center pressure. An add-on that allows the individual functions to be quickly transformed: a group work table can be turned into a whiteboard in the blink of an eye by folding the table top.


With a single movement of the release lever, the safety bolts on the two columns are simultaneously released and the table top can be folded 90° into a vertical position and locked in place thanks to magnetic lock. Once the meeting is over, the tables can be cleared to save space.

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