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Concens introduces a new generation intelligent actuator.


Based on the well known CON35, CON50 and CON60 series of inline actuators, the next generation from Concens provides and integrated controller with MODBUS RTU interface, stroke limitation and overcurrent protection.

The ICON actuator can connect up to 128 ICON actuators, using the new connection interface box, depending on the model chosen it can either operate synchronously or individually.

As with the standard range of Concens actuators, the ICON series of actuators can be configured according to your needs, weither it be stroke length, color or IP-grade. A flexibility and versatility that has become synonymous with Concens.

This technological leap forward is neatly designed to fit inside the motortube. Thats ensuring that the ICON series of actuators have the same build-in dimensions as standard Concens actuators with hall-encoders.

The ICON-series of actuators are 100% programmable and offers a wide range of monitoring- and surveillance data to meet the demands of modern industrial applications using MODBUS.


  • With build-in intelligent controller
  • MODBUS RTU compatible
  • Plug & Play functionality
  • Connect up to 128 actuators
  • Easy to use software for quick setup
  • Internal stroke limitation and overcurrent protection build-in
  • 6 standard variations available

Available from January 2021!

Feel free to contact our sales department to take customization to an iconic new level!

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