Ketterer Antriebe

Ketterer Antriebe, based in Furtwangen (Germany), is a specialist and partner in the worldwide market for mechanical and electromechanical drive solutions and realizes new, flexible products from idea to series production, customized and independent of the number of pieces.

Always a solution
Even when it comes to developing drives for existing applications, they always find a solution!

The right product for every application

Ergonomics Professional
Ketterer offers innovative drive solutions for height-adjustable workplaces in the office, in the workplace, in the laboratory, for school furniture and other applications.

Ergonomics Home & Care
Ketterer offers innovative drive solutions for applications in healthcare, nursing, rehabilitation and care for the disabled, as well as for living and kitchen furniture.

Buildings techniques
Ketterer offers innovative drive solutions for sun protection of buildings and squares, as well as for windows, doors, gates and movable partitions.

Industrial drives
Ketterer offers innovative drive solutions for storage and transport logistics, as well as in factory and machine building.

News from Ketterer

TV liften

The TV lifts from A&E Trading distinguish themselves from other TV lifts by the high lift speed (up to 90 mm/s). Due to the use of threaded spindles, the TV lifts are very quiet. Partly due to the small installation size, they are very suitable for installation in furniture….
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