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Logicdata aims to ergonomically adapt working and living conditions to people, thanks to the innovative motor controls and controls for electronically adjustable furniture. This makes a valuable contribution to improving health and comfort, as well as increasing safety at the workplace.

With more than twenty years of experience in creating spectacular electronic and mechatronic solutions for ergonomic, people-oriented workplaces, Logicdata has succeeded in redefining the expectations of the market for adjustable office furniture: innovative, ingenious and authoritative.

User experience forms the core of the LOGIC OFFICE concept. Working closely with the world’s most established furniture manufacturers, these leading products have torn apart the prejudices of what the modern workspace can and should be, creating a new generation of intelligent adaptable solutions, forged into the fires of pioneering design, unlimited visibility and unrivaled performance.

News about Logicdata

Dynamic Motion System

Dynamic Motion System 7/6/2019 DYNAMIC by name, dynamic by nature. The DYNAMIC MOTION system by LOGICDATA represents a powerful leap forward into the future of height-adjustable workspaces, smashing through the boundaries of convention to the cutting edge of intelligent adjustable furniture design. DYNAMIC MOTION is not just a name:…
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