LP192 | For ergonomic workplaces

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Workplace stress is still one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in companies. Incorrectly designed workplaces cause fatigue, physical complaints, and concentration problems. Making a budget available for purchasing the right equipment is therefore very important. Moreover, it is an investment that quickly pays for itself in lower absenteeism among staff. On the other hand, job satisfaction and productivity increase.

The LP192 lifting column in the A&E range enables manufacturers to develop workplaces. As a developer, you contribute to good ergonomics in companies, among other things. In addition, these components offer more comfort and, therefore, satisfaction among employees. An increase in efficiency and productivity is a fact.

With the LP192, you can make various positions of, for example, desks or work tables possible. As a result, people can decide whether they want to perform the work sitting or standing. The construction consists of telescopic aluminum tubing with maximum stability. And the electrical height adjustments can be controlled via control box(es).

View the complete product information of the LP192 here.

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