Customisation means a perfect fitted solution within electric in-line actuators for your application, and we are pleased to assist you on your projects. Imagine the possibilities…

Do not hesitate to contact us to share and discuss your requirements for the actuator solution fitted for your application.

A variety of segments
We are presented in a variety of segments such as Industrial Automation, Rehab & Fitness, Building Technology, Maritime and Special Vehicles… but not limited to.

Our sweet spot
Customisation is our sweet spot and we will be pleased to cooperate with you on your projects, where special designed electric actuator solutions are required.

Top priority
We make it a top priority to produce compact and slim designs that integrate perfectly to your needs and due to our flexibility, we can ship samples within 48 hours…

Stroke Length


Does your application require a special stroke length?
Our employees are pleased to assist you with calculations and validation to make sure you find the best electric actuator solution.

3D drawings
Free 3D drawings for you to transfer directly to your existing drawings to find the perfect fit for your application.

A variety of lengths
We offer a variety of stroke lengths up to 1250 mm, among our many standard lengths and do not reject requests for even longer strokes.

Stroke 1375 mm
According to a special request, we have produced actuators of our con60 series with extended stroke length of 1375 mm, as there was need for a solution which required the additional length and still is able to move the demanding weight.
Limited space
For an application where space was limited to a minimum but also required a Harsh Environment solution, was solved with our small and versatile con35 with a stroke length of only 8 mm and produced in stainless steel for Harsh Environment, which is tested according to IP68/69.

Concens standard stoke lengths:
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 750 mm

Built in Dimensions
If your application requires a special built in dimension on a standard stroke length, this can also be a possibility. Our team will assist and advice you to find the best possible solutions.

Steel and IP class


Do you have special requirements for the material your actuator must be made of? We are pleased to hear what you have in mind and our skilful team will do their utmost to assist you.

Some applications have need for extra rust protection and this can be solved by Electro-galvanizing of the steel for the actuator.

If your application requires a Titanium alloy, inform us about the specials for the environment where your application will apply.

Maybe a 3D print can be a solution that works for you.

Concens standard material and IP classes:
• Standard steel, IP66
• Standard steel, Harsh Environment (tested according to IP68/69)
• Stainless Steel/AISI316, IP66
• Stainless Steel/AISI316, Harsh Environment (tested according to IP68/69)

Cables and connectors en connectoren


There is a variety of cables and connectors, and if your application requires a special cable or connector solution, our team is pleased to assist you finding the best suitable solution for you.

We are always pleased to assist you finding the cable or connector type you need for your application.

• Special cables
• Special connectors
• Special shielded cables
• Special cable lengths
• Customised extend cables

Our standard connector is the Molex Minifit connector.
Our standard cable lengths are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 meters, but not limited to…

Concens shielded cable
Choose the shielded cable for heavy electrical noise polluted environment, where there is risk of encoder signal failure.



Which bracket is required for the perfect fit for your application?
Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you finding the best bracket solution for you.

If the brackets you need is not within our variety of standard brackets, you are always welcome to contact us to assist you developing the bracket type fitted for your application.

Our team is pleased to assist you, and to validate if the bracket has the required demands for strength, load and gear ratio. They also prepare the additional drawings and of course testing the prototypes.

Customisation options among others:
• Different Colours (anodised Aluminum or special produced colour in Polyamide)
• Spherical bearings also available in stainless steel
• A variety of cable glands
• Threaded screw connection
• Brackets with two cable glands
• Brackets with special designed clevis
• And many more…

Two cable glands
The special rear bracket with two cable glands was produced to split the cable to secure the cable for the hall sensor was separated from the rest as a special solutions, thus this was a requirement for the application where the actuator was developed for.
Threaded screw connection
The development of the brackets with threaded screw connection, helped to solve the challenge with a special application.

Concens standard brackets
• Polyamide (PA), with or w/o clevis
• Aluminum, with or w/o clevis
• Stainless steel, with or w/o clevis
• With spherical bearings

Mounting Brackets


If you are looking for an easy installation to your application, we have produced a mounting bracket solution suitable for standard Concens actuator brackets for our electric In-line actuator series.

Front & rear mounting brackets
Front & rear mounting brackets supplied as a full set including pin and lock fitting for easy installation.

Available in electro galvanized steel for all our actuator sizes. The mounting brackets are designed to be bolted to a plain surface on the desired application.



If your application requires a signal colour, e.g. a special vehicle, then this can easily be done… Yellow, Red, or Orange, you can pick any colour you like..

Maybe you are designing solar shading for a modern building and it will look best with a completely white actuator, this is possible.
If you are developing fitness applications with electrically moving parts that require the same colour as your Brand… then this is not a problem, as you decide which colour your actuator should be produced in.
Parts to be coloured

  • Anodizing the aluminum parts in any colour you like
  • Colours for piston tubes (anodised Alu)
  • Actuator tubes (powder coated std. steel or Stainless steel)
  • Motor tubes (powder coated std. steel or Stainless steel)
  • Piston Rings (powder coated std. steel or special coloured Polyamide)
  • Front and rear brackets. (anodised Alu or special coloured Polyamide)

Concens standard colours

  • Black, RAL9005 shine 25
  • Stainless steel

Spline and emergency lowering


Do you produce Patient hoists, Hospital beds, Hatches, Fire escapes or similar, the spline and emergency lowering might be the solution you are looking for?

As a special option, spline can be ordered without Emergency lowering.
Emergency lowering is only available together with spline.

• Push-only actuator
• Option for con50 and con60
• Spline is the three-parts device (nut) that makes it a “push-only” actuator
• Emergency lowering is obtained by locking mechanism close to front bracket
• Cannot be combined with hall => no synchronizing or positioning

Prevent injury
This is a safety feature that, in a bed frame (eg. footrest), will prevent injury if a part is caught between moving parts when the actuator retreats.

Contact A&E Trading
Can you think of other applications? Please contact us to discuss your project.

Hall – Sensor


The hall sensor option is available for all three Concens actuator models con35, con50 and con60 and enables control of the position of the piston rod very precisely.

Furthermore, the hall option allows driving of two or more actuators synchronously, depending on the choice of controller.


  • PLC or similar
  • Concens control units: C1, C2-20, C2-30, C3 and C4
  • Supply voltage: 5 – 24 VDC (± 10 %) for all actuators
  • Current consumption: 5 – 20 mA depending on supply voltage (Current consumption when using Concens controllers with 5 VDC power supply for hall circuit is approx. 5 mA)
  • Output: 5 – 24 V amplitude depending on supply voltage, 90 ˚ or ¼ cycle delay between output A and B. Output is “open collector” – type with internal 10 kΩ pull-up resistors. Concens controllers are equipped with pull-up resistors (4,7 kΩ – 10 kΩ)
  • Certified: according to IEC60601-1, ANSI/AAMI/ES60601-1, CAN/CSA-22.2 No60601-1 available (24 VDC actuators only)

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