Assembly standard

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The assembly and repair standard for bicycles and e-bikes.

Our customer MONTAGESTAENDER.BIKE has put a few components together to create a fantastic stand for bicycles and e-bikes. Perfect for maintenance and repair and is easy to clean.

Owner en creative developer Tobias Baumeister has mountain biking as a hobby and passion. When he wanted to carry out repairs to his 24kg e-bike and lift it on a stand a few years ago, he saw the need to make it less burdensome for the back. From this point the electrical assembly standard was created.

Quality products from Baumeister & Schack and LOGICDATA have been chosen.
With this the controlbox SMARTneo-2-G and the lifting column/ lifter I-140 guarantee the adjustment process.

Products applied:

Lifting column/
Lifter I-140

  • Pressure force 350N.
  • Aluminium anodized profile
  • Built-in length 1915mm.
  • Speed 40mm/sec.

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  • Most cost efficient control
  • Including ISP and Light-barrier
  • Suitable for 2 motors
  • Freely programmable

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