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Assembling manual for telescopic SOLID sit/stand solo table.

1. Place the middle tubes inside the cutout. PAY ATTENTION TO TUBE POSITONS
2. Press side tubes towards each other.

3. Place the legs into the top frame – in the cutouts. 
4. Use 4mm hex key to tighten the bolts.

5. Place the table frame on the table top.
6. Attach table frame to the table top using wood screws.

7. Attach table feet to the table legs using M10x16mm bolts and 8mm hex key.

8. Attach the power box and handswitch to the table top using wood screws.
9. Plug all the cables in to the power box – POWER CABLE SHOULD BE CONNECTED LAST!

Setting up the table:

1. Plug the table in to the power socket.
2. Press and hold the “DOWN” button on the hand control – table will move a bit down and jump back up.
3. Table is ready for use!

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