Visit to LOGICDATA in Austria

December is often all about promotional gifts, Christmas cards, and holidays. The A&E team, on the other hand, ‘just visited’ supplier LOGICDATA last week. Located in the beautiful mountainous Deutschlandsberg in Austria. The winter in our country is also clearly felt this week in the famous winter sports country....
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New product | FlipTOP 2.0 folding table

The FlipTOP 2.0 folding table The FlipTOP 2.0 folding table is entering our range. The main difference from the previous version is the smooth closing of the blade. This is because ‘gas springs’ are now being used, making it possible to let the table ‘fold’ silently. As a result,...
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Customisation YOUR APPLICATION… YOUR DESIGN! Customisation means a perfect fitted solution within electric in-line actuators for your application, and we are pleased to assist you on your projects. Imagine the possibilities… Do not hesitate to contact us to share and discuss your requirements for the actuator solution fitted for...
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Summer vacation is just around the corner. Whether we travel abroad or stay in our own country, we will in any case ensure that we remain available this summer. There will always be a few colleagues in the office. Work continues for us, but many of our suppliers have...
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Heavy work requires a professional approach.

The TM262 is not only a smart but above all a very strong solution in the industrial field. With stepless height adjustment and maximum stability with a load capacity of up to 400kg, both productivity and personal health are taken to the next level.
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Assembly standard

Our customer MONTAGESTAENDER.BIKE has put a few components together to create a fantastic stand for bicycles and e-bikes. Perfect for maintenance and repair and is easy to clean.
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NEW : SOLID table frame

We would like to keep you informed of new developments in our assortment. We recently added the SOLID table, a base that we supply in two packages. Packed optimally and efficiently. The telescopic beam makes it suitable for different blade widths.
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