OSLV ITALIA srl has two distinct internal production divisions:

  • The Wiper Division – is specialized in the protection and realisation of complete windshield wiper systems.
  • The Automation Sector – is specialized in the production of motors, gearmotors and electrical actuators in direct current.

OSLV ITALIA srl pays special attention and time to the study and elaboration of the design of customer-oriented solutions to meet most needs.

In addition to the way in which OSLV manages orders, whether it is only a small number of units or thousands of items per month, the company deepen its efforts and makes technological and intellectual resources available to the customer to guarantee a versatile result; one that is technologically advanced and perfectly meets the expectations of the end user.

Another added value that enriches the company’s competitiveness and dynamic profile is its exceptional flexibility in production times, which can be significantly reduced in an emergency without compromising the quality of the end product.

    • Supply voltage: 12 or 24 V DC
    • Stroke length: 50 to 300 mm
    • Max load: 1600 N at 12 V DC and 2100 N at 24 V DC
    • No load speed: 2,7 to 20 mm/s at 12 V DC and 5 to 40 mm/s at 24 V DC
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