Actuator with encoder

Actuator with encoder

Actuator with encoder, with 50 to 300 mm stroke, 2.7 to 40 mm/sec speed and load up to 1200 Nm, according to the supplied voltage which may be 12 or 24 V DC.

It is suitable for all actuation types requiring a linear movement, since the worm screw slides into the motor providing a solution with compact dimensions.

For more information, please refer to the technical data where you will find additional details about nominal voltage, no-load speed, nominal load, stroke and any accessories.


  • Gear Ratio: 1:12 ; 1:50
  • Spindle nut material: POM
  • Trapezoidal screw: TP10x3
  • Pulses/revolution Hall sensor on motor shaft: 2


Motor drive 3143

  • Powerful 24 VDC motor
  • Two integrated Hall sensors
  • Hexagon socket (6mm, 7mm or 9mm)
  • Good self-locking properties
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