• Current limit
  • I-Trip function
  • Two control modes
  • Plug&Play

Applicable in the following market segments

  • Industry
  • Medical


C2-10 | Basic actuator controller

The C2-10 is developed for controlled ON-OFF driving and direction change of the Concens actuators. The C2-10 has advanced current limit features. It limits the actuator current in start-up, braking and jam-situations and in that way protects the motor and the mechanics. The C2-10 also has a fault in- and output which indicates error/over- current status and can be used to stop the actuator (for example if an emergency-stop switch is used). The C2-10 works in conjunction with actuator without hall only.

The start and stop ramp times are individually adjustable to suit each application. In other words the motor voltage is controlled to give a preferred smooth start and stop. When the C2-10 controller is without power, the motor is dynamically braked with so called short-circuit braking, i.e. the motor poles are connected together. The reverse and forward inputs can be set to work with negative or positive voltage by moving a jumper.

The C2-10 has a ‘trip’ feature that cuts the motor voltage if the current limit value is exceeded (after trip delay of 2ms). After trip the motor can only be started in the opposite direction. Additionally the C2-10 provides ‘kick-start’ which means 100ms at full speed (100%PWM). Current limit during kick- start is up to 55A.

If the actuator is stopped without going into trip mode, then the C2-10 controller will allow 50% higher current from start and until 500ms after ending start ramp

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