C2-20 | Advanced actuator controller

The C2-20 provides advanced positioning and control of actuators through easy and flexible integration with the application. The controller is designed to work with Concens actuators in applications where positioning is required. C2-20 has adjustable start and stop ramps, which make smooth starts and stops possible. The C2-20 works in conjunction with actuators with hall only.

Adjustable current limits in both directions protect the motor against overcurrent. In learning mode the number of hall pulses in a full stroke of the actuator is counted which enables accurate positioning during normal operation.

The position of the actuator is controlled by a DC voltage between 0-5,4 or 0-10,8 volts to the C2-20. Adjustments and parameter settings like current limit value, ramp times, speed etc. are set with C2-PROG interface unit or C2-USB ‘dongle’ connected to a PC.

Several housings are available for the C2-20.  


  • Precise stroke control from analog voltage input
  • Full H-bridge DC motor controller
  • Programmable using the C2-PROG interface unit or a PC with a USB cable and dongle
  • Fast change of direction
  • Soft start-up, acceleration ramp
  • Settable current limit
  • Trip or continuous current limit
  • High efficiency
  • High momentary load capacity
  • Rail base fittable
  • Two control modes
  • 15 parameters can be controlled by USB interface
  • 'Position Reached'-signal

Warnings and recommendations

  • Attention! C2-20 has no fuse in it. Use external fuse according to application.
    If C2-20 goes into “trip” (overcurrent) it is only possible to run actuator in opposite direction.
  • Please adjust the max. current to be 10% higher than maximum current during load. This ensures the longest actuator lifetime.
  • Please ensure that the power supply for the controller is capable of supplying sufficient current – otherwise the controller and the actuator may be damaged.
  • Double-check correct polarity of power supply. If connected wrong the C2-20 will be damaged.
  • If wire colors differ from what is expected, please check with supplier or check on our YouTube channel before connecting the actuator to the controller.
  • Connect to power during programming.
  • Concens does not have any responsibility over the possible errors in this data sheet. Specifications are to be changed without notice.



  • Current limit
  • I-Trip function
  • Two control modes
  • Plug&Play
Delivery time: 5 workdays
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  • Synchronized parallel driving
  • Current protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Different control modes
Delivery time: workdays


  • Adjustable soft- start and stop
  • Adjustable current limit in and out
  • Individual or synchronized running of 2-3-4 or 2 + 2 actuators
  • Audible and visual status signal
Delivery time: workdays


  • Suitable for 2 motors
  • SwitchMode Powersupply 216W.
  • Low standby, 0,3 Watt
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for C2-20

C2-PROG / EM-236

  • Precise and simple adjustments
  • Good repeat setting option
  • Saves space in products
  • Easy to use
Delivery time: workdays

C2-PROG/EM-328 Interface Unit

  • USB to serial converter
  • EmenTool Lite compatible
  • Three different options
  • Power supply for control board
Delivery time: workdays
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