C2-PROG / EM-236

  • Precise and simple adjustments
  • Good repeat setting option
  • Saves space in products
  • Easy to use

Applicable in the following market segments

  • Agro & Food
  • Engineering
  • Hightech
  • Industry
  • Shipbuilding & Off-shore


C2-PROG / EM236 Interface Unit

C2-PROG/EM-236 Interface unit is made for adjusting and copying settings of C2 drivers (C2-20, C2-30) and for monitoring dynamic values during use.
C2-PROG/EM-236 makes it possible ot search for the correct settings and adjustments for the application and then these settings can be reliably loaded into other units.
C2-PROG/EM-236 is useful in instrumentation and also a simple tool in production.

The use:
After the control board (C2-20, C2-30) is switched on, the cable of the C2-PROG/EM-236 with a red "Micro Match"-connector is connected to the control board. The interface unit display is activated and after a few announcements it is ready to load parameters from the target driver (Load&Edit) and if it is necessary to edit. The values can be changed with the + and - buttons. The parameters can then be saved by pressing the "2sec.save." button for 2 seconds. If the operation of the control board is correct, the red connector can be connected to the next control board and by pressing the "Copy to device" button, the same parameters are loaded to the next control board and to as many units as the user wishes.

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