C2-PROG/EM-328 Interface Unit

C2-PROG/EM-328 Interface Unit Series

The C2-PROG/EM-328 interface unit series is designed to convert a USB port signal to a serial port of C2-xx-devices (C2-20/C2-30). C2-PROG/EM-328-series is designed for use with the EmenTool Lite PC program, which can be downloaded for free from the A&E Trading website. This device can be used to supply 5 V voltage to the control circuit board.

C2-PROG/EM-328 | C2-PROG/EM-328-ISO | C2-PROG/EM-328-A

There are three options available. The standard version is C2-PROG/EM-328 and this is a basic converter.
C2-PROG/EM-328-series replaces older dongles, which is the type C2-PROG/EM-268.
C2-PROG/EM-328-ISO is an isolated version, it has an isolated signal and power path.
This version is recommended for use in an industrial environment with a lot of interference.
C2-PROG/EM-328A is a so-called cheap version, it has the same electrical functions as the basic version, but is mechanically made more economical.


  • Link cable length 1 m
  • Operating voltage 5 V from USB port
  • Max. output current up to 100 mA
  • Compatible up to USB 3.0


C2-PROG / EM-236

  • Precise and simple adjustments
  • Good repeat setting option
  • Saves space in products
  • Easy to use
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for C2-PROG/EM-328 Interface Unit


  • Soft start-up, acceleration ramp
  • 'Position Reached'-signal
  • Soft start-up, acceleration ramp
  • Trip or continuous current limit
Delivery time: 5 workdays
Op voorraad


  • Synchronized parallel driving
  • Current protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Different control modes
Delivery time: workdays
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