• High efficiency 24V DC industrial motor with planetary gear
  • Speed at maximum load from 5 to 26 mm/s
  • Load capacity from 1900 to 10000 N
  • IP66 and 'harsh environment' versions

Applicable in the following market segments

  • Agro & Food
  • Engineering
  • Hightech
  • Industry
  • Medical
  • Office Furniture
  • Shipbuilding & Off-shore


CON60 in-line actuator

The CON60 is a versatile, high efficiency in-line electric actuator with an elegant design and small overall dimensions and a lifting capability of up to 10.000N. The CON60 is ideal where size is limited by design or functionality.

The in-line electric actuator is made of powder-coated steel, and standard IP66, providing a sturdy design that protects the motor and electrics. Compatible controllers, handsets and batteries for mobile use are available.

The options: Stainless steel versions (AISI 316) / Brackets in stainless steel / Brackets with clevis / Brackets with spherical bearings / Hall sensors for positioning and/or synchronization / Harsh Environment version. Tested according to IP68 and IP69 and passed the criteria for a depth of one meter for one hour. Test reports are available on request / Low noise version / Spline and emergency lowering.

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