EL Hexalift

EL Hexalift (tabel frame)

The most powerful table frame from the A&E trading b.v. range based on the ‘Industry Lifting Column’ type HEXALIFT.

Alternating work while sitting and standing relieves the spine and prevents premature fatigue or cramping of the back and legs. With different workplaces and differences between workers, electrically height-adjustable workstations provide the ability to quickly and flexibly change the work situation at the touch of a button. If necessary, even several work surfaces of a table can be individually adjusted. Work tables with a memory function also facilitate the individual design of the workplace for example, in shifts.

For heavy loads (V1) up to 640 kg, for medium loads (V2 / V3) up to 320 kg and light loads up to 160 kg (V4) particularly suitable for industrial workplaces in assembly and production.

Features :

  • Simple operation by low-noise, electromotive lifting columns, type HEXALIFT.
  • Raise or lower a work table to the desired height.
  • On request with memory function for storing preferred positions .
  • Assembly workstations according to your requirements.

In addition to the impressive performance, compatibility on all current industrial profile systems is the most important feature.


  • V1: lifting force : 6400 N / 640 kg / 9 mm/s
  • V2: lifting force : 3200 N / 320 kg / 18 mm/s
  • V3: lifting force : 3200 N / 320 kg / 9 mm/s
  • V4: lifting force : 1600 N / 160 kg / 18 mm/s


TM262 assembly table

  • Max. lifting force: 4.000 N
  • Lifting speed: 25 mm/s (without load)
  • Adjustable range: 400mm
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for EL Hexalift


  • 1, 2 or 3 motors synchronous
  • For motors with only 1 Hall-sensor
  • SwitchMode Powersupply
  • Low standby, 0,3 Watt
Delivery time: workdays


  • Robust and flexible lifting column
  • Extremely large adjustment range
  • High lateral stability
  • Compatible with mounting slots
Delivery time: workdays
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