FlexiLift table frame

  • Adjustment range: 680-1180 mm
  • Load capacity: 20-70 kg incl. table top (adjustable)
  • Drive: lockable compression spring
  • Safety function ‚Äì table top will not sag or shoot up



Pneumatic table frame

This frame packs a punch! The innovative FlexiLift adapts quickly, quietly and smoothly to ergonomic demands, while offering high efficiency in everyday office life. Thanks to the innovative special gas pressure storage technology, the load capacity of the desk can be variably modified subsequently for the first time. Maximum flexibility, which also enables the later installation of partitions, acoustic elements and computer holders.

As a pneumatic table frame, the FlexiLift does not need any power. Annual servicing, as required by law for electrical frames, is not necessary. Its extremely low storage and transport volume also helps FlexiLift to fully meet all of the environmental requirements of our time.

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