Hexalift 2-stage lifting column

The main characteristic feature of the Hexalift, which is available in four variants, is its compatibility with all current industrial profile systems. The Hexalift can be easily integrated into new systems or into existing systems using six mounting slots. At the front there are four screw channels M8 in the inner and outer profile.


  • Motor drive: Integrated 24 V DC drive with limit switches and two hallsensors
  • Max. load: V1: 3200 N, V2: 1600 N, V3: 1600 N, V4: 800 N
  • Max. bending moment: 1200 Nm lengthwise load statical, 500 Nm lengthwise load dynamical, 450 Nm lateral load statical, 255 Nm lateral load dynamical
  • Linear speed at 24 V DC without load: V1: 9 mm/s, V2: 18 mm/s, V3: 9 mm/s, V4: 18 mm/s
  • Cable length: 1200 mm, 8-pin plug connector
  • Duty cycle: 10% (S3) = 2 min. on, 18 min. off



  • Powerfull column
  • High stability
  • DIN EN 60601
Delivery time: workdays
Klant specifieke maatvoering


  • Motor drive: Integrated 24 V DC drive with limit switches and two hallsensors
  • Max. load: 800 N
  • Max. bending moment: 200 Nm static vertical, 100 Nm dynamical
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for Hexalift


  • Connections via Bluetooth, active NFC, WiFi, and USB
  • Real-time analytics
  • Desk reservation
  • Plug &Play technology
Delivery time: workdays


  • 4-digit display in inch or cm
  • Key lock (can be parameterized)
  • Simple under-desk mounting
  • 4 Memory Position Buttons
Delivery time: workdays


  • Easy Up / Down Movement
  • Subtle, ergonomic look and feel
  • Basic version
  • Very competitively priced
Delivery time: workdays


  • 2 memory posistions
  • Lay-flat mounting into the table top
  • With display for height indication
  • Screwless fixing with rubber ribs
Delivery time: workdays
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