LOGICcell accu – Guilty as Charged.

Game Changer. At LOGICDATA, we don’t just believe that tables should move up and down: total mobility and freedom within the office is a vital part of what our partners need and demand. Enter the LOGICcell Battery Pack, a revolutionary concept that empowers users to experience the power of a LOGICDATA adjustable system wherever they are: no cables, no problem.

Simplicity is paramount to mobility. Yet with a Docking Bay allowing stress free installation, a simplified USB charging concept, and interfaces to a variety of other LOGIC OFFICE products, it’s never been easier to put your world in motion.


  • Compatibility with various LOGIC OFFICE products
  • Including docking-station for easy use
  • Status indication via LEDs and buzzer
  • Charging only once per month
  • Micro USB charger


The following chargers have been approved by LOGICDATA for use alongside the LOGICcell. If you wish to use a different charger, please contact us : 

Works with :


  • Max. 2 motors
  • Cascading of 2 control boxes
  • Compatible with LOGIClink
  • Battery powered with LOGICcell
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for LOGICcell


  • Connections via Bluetooth, active NFC, WiFi, and USB
  • Real-time analytics
  • Desk reservation
  • Plug &Play technology
Delivery time: workdays


  • Suitable for SMART & COMPACT
  • Slimmest diameter of any inline actuator
  • Dual-stage telescopic movement
  • Optimized speed/load behavior
  • BIFMA Compliant
Delivery time: workdays


  • 4-digit display in inch or cm
  • Key lock (can be parameterized)
  • Simple under-desk mounting
  • 4 Memory Position Buttons
Delivery time: workdays


  • Suitable for SMART & COMPACT
  • Single-stage telescopic movement
  • Optimized speed/load behavior
  • Low noise level
  • Multifucntional use (thick end up/ down)
Delivery time: workdays
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