Motor drive 3121

Motor drive 3121

Powerful 24 V DC motor with 2-stage worm gear with through going hexagon socket on the output. The motor cable with AMP plug and the integrated Hall sensors allow secure connection and exact positioning of the entire system.

Model 3121.00-2002 3121.00-2007 3121.00-1008 
Motor DC motor 24 VDC motor 24 VDC motor 24 V
Sensor/Power supply Hall/5 V DC/0.3 AHall/5 V DC/0.3 AHall/5 V DC/0.3 A
Protection class IP30IP30IP30
Idle running speed 150 rpm (24 V)150 rpm (24 V)150 rpm (24 V)
Duty cycle idle speed 20% (at 5 min.)20% (at 5 min.)20% (at 5 min.)
Rated torque* 3 Nm3 Nm3 Nm
Duty cycle nominal load* 20 s ON 240 s OFF20 s ON 240 s OFF20 s ON 240 s OFF
Short term peak torque (<1sec) 4.5 Nm4.5 Nm4.5 Nm
Input hex 6 mmhex 7 mmhex 8 mm

Technical notes

  • Please note the correct installation position of the drive! The drive is correctly mounted when it turns counterclockwise under load (see installation position/mounting).
  • The drive working range (nominal torque) is determined for a service life of 10,000 double strokes.
  • Through the controller* the system is regulated such that the speed in the entire drive working range is kept as constant as possible.
  • By using a controller with a short-circuit brake the holding torque position of the drive can be increased.

* In combination with LogicData control box Compact-3


Motor drive 3133.00

  • Low-noise
  • Powerful motor
  • Integrated Hall sensors
  • 5 Nm. torque.
Delivery time: workdays

Motor drive 3133.48

  • Low-noise
  • Powerful motor
  • Integrated Hall sensors
  • 8 Nm. torque.
Delivery time: workdays

Motor drive 3143

  • Powerful 24 VDC motor
  • Two integrated Hall sensors
  • Hexagon socket (6mm, 7mm or 9mm)
  • Good self-locking properties
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for Motor drive 3121


  • Connections via Bluetooth, active NFC, WiFi, and USB
  • Real-time analytics
  • Desk reservation
  • Plug &Play technology
Delivery time: workdays


  • Suitable for 2 motors
  • SwitchMode Powersupply 216W.
  • Low standby, 0,3 Watt
Delivery time: workdays


  • Max. 2 motors
  • Cascading of 2 control boxes
  • Compatible with LOGIClink
  • Compatible with third party DC motors
Delivery time: workdays


  • 4-digit display in inch or cm
  • Key lock (can be parameterized)
  • Simple under-desk mounting
  • 4 Memory Position Buttons
Delivery time: workdays
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