Producten Plastic housing C2-xx

Plastic housing C2-xx

  • Suitable for C2-10, C2-20 and C2-30 controllers
  • Plastic housing IP65
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Mounting plate available


Plastic housing for C2-xx controls

New in the A&E Trading range are the housings suitable for the C2 controllers such as the C2-10C2-20 and C2-30. Depending on the type of housing (plastic or metal), the housing offers a protection class IP65 or IP20. For the plastic housings a mounting plate is included in the delivery, including spacers for mounting.


  • 130x130x60 (LxWxH), 3 x output PG11 (PG9 for cable diameter 3 to 7 mm)
  • 180x130x60 (LxWxH), 1 x output PG11 + 9 x PG9 (PG11 for cable diameter 4 to 9 mm)

ATTENTION ! When the print is installed in the plastic housing, the continuous power will decrease. This is because the cooling of the print is not as effective as in the open air.

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