Safety edge EKS

  • In combination with COMPACT-e-x
  • With adhesive strips EKS011, in C10 profile EKS014 or dovetail for milling EKS052
  • Short response time
  • Different profile geometries


Safety edge EKS 011, 014 and 052 (anti-pinch sensors)

The safety edges are specially designed for applications where short response times are required and a minimum installation height is possible.

A classic example is its use as anti-pinch protection for applications in which (vehicle) doors and windows close automatically. But also in mechanical engineering, in electrically adjustable desk applications and in modern medical treatment equipment. The safety edges serve as protection against collisions and pinching.

The safety edges easily adapt to different bending radii and angles. It is also possible to assemble the anti-pinch protection yourself for indooor use.

Safety edge EKS011 connected on a COMPACT-e-x- controller
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