SLIMdrive-500 | Inline actuator for single-stage column

(R)evolutionary. LOGICDATA’s outstanding SLIMdrive-500 is the only drive you need to push your table systems to greater heights. Its slender design and simple assembly concept facilitate installation into a wide range of single-stage height-adjustable columns, providing manufacturers with freedom in design without compromising on power, performance, or reliability. Wherever your table is going, the SLIMdrive-500 will take it there smoothly, quietly, and safely.

With this sensational inline actuator, LOGICDATA has once again asserted itself as the driving force in adjustable design. We don’t just create mechatronic products. We redefine them.


  • Dynamic force : 700 N per actuator
  • Diameter : 44 mm
  • Installation length : 606 mm
  • Stroke : 497 mm
  • Constant speed: 38 mm/s
  • Multifunctional use (thick end up/ down)
  • Up to 12 SLIMdrive-500 synchronous (with COMPACT)



  • Suitable for SMART & COMPACT
  • Slimmest diameter of any inline actuator
  • Dual-stage telescopic movement
  • Optimized speed/load behavior
  • BIFMA Compliant
Delivery time: workdays

Inline spindle drive 3122

  • Simple mounting
  • Integrated Hall sensors
  • Single telescopic function
  • Works with LOGICDATA
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for SLIMdrive-500


  • Suitable for 2 motors
  • SwitchMode Powersupply 216W.
  • Low standby, 0,3 Watt
Delivery time: workdays


  • Max. 2 motors
  • Cascading of 2 control boxes
  • Compatible with LOGIClink
  • Compatible with third party DC motors
Delivery time: workdays


  • Max. 2 motors
  • Cascading of 2 control boxes
  • Compatible with LOGIClink
  • Battery powered with LOGICcell
Delivery time: workdays


  • Under-desk mounting
  • 2 buttons for up/down
  • 4 memory position buttons
  • 3-digit display in inch or cm
Delivery time: workdays
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