Producten TM262 assembly table

TM262 assembly table

  • Max. lifting force: 4.000 N
  • Lifting speed: 25 mm/s (without load)
  • Adjustable range: 400mm


Electric adjustable assembly table

The base solution TM262 for assembly tables, presented by Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik, is a true heavyweight in modern ergonomics technology. This is because, particularly in manufacturing and production environments, people’s backs and spines have to endure extreme levels of stress. The TM262 model combines continuous height-adjustability with maximum stability. This enables the table to increase the worker’s personal performance and health to a new level.

The Assembly Table TM262 is capable of bearing up to 400 kg and can be extended to form a production line. This is how Kesseböhmer helps you to support the health of your employees as well as to manufacture faster, better and more sustainably.

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