TOUCHfx – Slim and retractable

Fixed. Yet flexible. The TOUCHfx is a formidable addition to the LOGIC OFFICE collection, offering users total movement control, a crystal-clear display panel, and the possibility to store up to 6 Memory Positions. All this delivered by a sleek, discreet Hand Control that fits subtly under the table top.

With a simplified assembly concept that eliminates the need for inlay milling, alongside customization options that allow our partners total control over the look and feel of their table systems, the TOUCHfx is the ultimate companion to the expansive LOGIC OFFICE range of Control Boxes and Actuators.


  • Operating life (switching cycles) : 10.000 times
  • Dimensions in mm (l × w × h) : 132,5 × 85,9 × 32,8
  • Cable length : 2.000 mm
  • Weight including cable : 138 gr.
  • Degree of protection : IP20



  • Up/down switch
  • Simple design
  • Basic version
  • Low price
Delivery time: workdays


  • demolition proof
  • Simple up/down
  • Easy design
  • Basic version
Delivery time: workdays

Accessories for TOUCHfx


  • Suitable for 2 motors
  • SwitchMode Powersupply 216W.
  • Low standby, 0,3 Watt
Delivery time: workdays


  • Max. 2 motors
  • Cascading of 2 control boxes
  • Compatible with LOGIClink
  • Compatible with third party DC motors
Delivery time: workdays
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