Responsive Hand Control: TOUCHinlay

Infinite posibilities.

Low-profile, high-impact. With a sleek design that fits perfectly onto the table top, the TOUCHinlay is a Hand Control of incomparable aesthetic prowess.

Yet with its expansive range of functionality, including total movement control, a crystal-clear display panel, and the possibility to store up to 4 Memory Positions, this stunning LOGIC OFFICE product is more than just a pretty face.

Screwless assembly and compatibility with the complete range of LOGICDATA Control Boxes makes the TOUCHinlay a long-standing favorite.


  • Operating life (switching cycles) : 10.000 times
  • Dimensions (l x w x h ): 42.0 × 95.4 × 17.3 mm
  • Cable length : 850 mm
  • Weight including cable : 61 gr.
  • Degree of protection : IP20



  • demolition proof
  • Simple up/down
  • Easy design
  • Basic version
Delivery time: workdays


  • Up/down switch
  • Simple design
  • Basic version
  • Low price
Delivery time: workdays


  • 4-digit display in inch or cm
  • Key lock (can be parameterized)
  • Simple under-desk mounting
  • 4 Memory Position Buttons
Delivery time: workdays


  • Under-desk mounting
  • 2 buttons for up/down
  • 4 memory position buttons
  • 3-digit display in inch or cm
Delivery time: workdays


  • Easy Up / Down Movement
  • Subtle, ergonomic look and feel
  • Basic version
  • Very competitively priced
Delivery time: workdays
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