Revised motor cable for lifting columns T165, T175, TR126 – Baumeister & Schack

Lifting columns now with Molex Mini-Fit connector


MOLEX Mini-Fit Jr.

Recently our supplier Baumeister & Schack changed the motor connecting cables /plugs on their telescopic lifters from the previous round MAS 80S plug to a square Molex plug of the Molex Mini-Fit Jr. type.

This Molex plug is a snap-in connector which can cope with higher currents. Please note that the different shape and size of the Molex plug may cause changes in the design of your application.

The overall length of the new cable is approx. 260cm (previously 230cm).

With this revision, it is necessary to use the controller series COMPACT and SYNcontrol with Molex sockets. If you still want to use the controller type Compact with MAS socket, we can supply the according adapter cable.

The changeover will occur in August 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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