RIDE – DC motors

RIDE produces DC electric motors, DC worm gear motors and planetary gear motors. RIDE satisfies an increasing variety of industrial branches: motors for actuators, for door opening systems, motors for medical industry and motor for workshops, and motors for new emerging industries.

Flexibility, high quality and competitiveness are the goals that RIDE continues to pursue for customers who need DC motors, DC gear motors and planetary DC gear motors, which can be adapted to their needs.

Ask about the possibilities of the RIDE motors.

    • Operation up/down
    • Easy to mount in a 50mm round hole
    • With display for height indication
    • Affordable pricing
    • 2 memory posistions
    • Lay-flat mounting into the table top
    • With display for height indication
    • Screwless fixing with rubber ribs
    • Easy Up / Down Movement
    • Subtle, ergonomic look and feel
    • Basic version
    • Very competitively priced
    • Supply voltage : 12 - 36 V DC
    • Stroke : 180 to 426 mm (depending on type)
    • Max. dynamic force : 250 to 1400 N (depending on type)
    • Speed (without load) : 5 to 40 mm/s (depending on type)
    • Modern Look & Feel
    • Soft Touch
    • Up to 4 memory positions
    • Responsive up/ down function
    • Under-desk mounting
    • demolition proof
    • Simple up/down
    • Easy design
    • Basic version
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