Schumo AG

Schumo AG

Linear handling specialists: precise, reliable, controlled.

The history of Schumo AG began in 1984, in Switzerland, and from the beginning, they have aimed to achieve the result of being among the main protagonist of linear motion. In 1998 the specialization in the production of linear actuators and telescopic columns merges with the knowledge of Amer Group companies: this is the beginning of the integrated solutions, a combination of mechanics, electronics and informatics to offer the customers products that are tailor-made, robust and reliable.

Today, in a modern headquarter in Steinhausen, they work to design for you a product that guarantees reliability, high performance, dimensions that perfect fit your application, without having to renounce to competitiveness and satisfying needs that can range from large to small production batches. This is the result of experience, mixed with the continuous comparison with business partners and with the modularity of the solutions. The history of Schumo AG has led them to be present and to develop a strong experience in applications related to the medical field and in particular to the world of the ophthalmic, but their way of working and the synergies of the Group allow them to be quick and flexible in looking for new applications for the products.

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