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Producten DMD660


  • Suitable for DYNAMIC MOTION
  • Dual-stage telescopic spindle
  • BLDC motor with integrated Control Unit
  • Integrated collision sensor


DMD660 | Inline actuator for dual-stage lifting columns

The power of simplicity.

Magnificent. The intelligent technology within the DYNAMIC MOTION-system's actuators delivers a uniquely powerful, responsive driving experience without the need for external control boxes.

The DMD660's Plug & Play compatibility concept facilitates total freedom in design for a vast range of dual-stage adjustable table systems, including benching and conference applications. With countless other features- including ultra-quiet brushless motor technology and an as-standard inbuilt collision sensor that dramatically reduces the risk of costly system damage - the DMD660 plays and integral role in the cration of the intelligent height-adjustable solutions that the modern workplace desires.

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