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Producten DMP240


  • Suitable for DYNAMIC MOTION
  • Power Hub 240 W
  • Compatibility with bench and conference applications
  • Protection against overvoltage


Power Hub: DMP240

Power to the People

Exceptional! With it's sleek, compact design and 240 W rated output, the DMP240 brings the power and flexibility to keep your world in motion. Compatible with every product within the DYNAMIC MOTION-system, this endlessly versatile power supply can operate multiple tables within a benching system or cascade with other power supplies to lift heavy and oversized tables.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yet with product variants tested and certified on both US and EU mains supplies, alongside state-of-the art safety features such as protection against overheating and overvoltage, the DMP240 delivers electrical excellence without the shocks.

The DMP240 is part of the DYNAMIC MOTION system from LOGICDATA, as well as the heavier Power Hub: the DMP360

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