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Producten Flex4Work


  • SOLO setup with rectangular columns
  • Adjustable range 650 mm (3-stroke)
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Standard speed 38 mm/sec


Flex4Work sit- stand table frame

A&E Trading b.v. offers you a total solution.
Designing an ergonomic workplace with an (electrically) adjustable table top increases the productivity of employees. It also reduces health problems related to unhealty sitting positions. Employees are more alert during the working day due to the increased flexibility and comfort using height-adjustable desks.

Ergonomic height adjustable frames for office, institutional and industrial environments.
A&E Trading b.v. offers a range of innovative, ergonomic workplace solutions with the components of Grüttner Systems. All necessary parts are included in each kit, including lifting columns, hand controls, control boxes and software, wiring and frameparts. These frames are available in multiple colors with different styles of columns and optional accessories to enhance your customer's experience.

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