FLIP TOP folding table

  • Price competitive
  • Very stable system
  • Unique in the market
  • Electric adjustability
  • Different colors, even in Chrome


FLIP TOP - Folding table

Folding tables are populair at this moment, think about the meetingrooms and conference areas. Often these rooms will be equipped with folding tables. Normally the folding tables are with a fixes height.

We improved our fixed height folding table with the LOGICDATA electronics to make the folding tables in height adjustable.

We can deliver the frames in different versions :

  • Lifting columns, round or square profiles
  • We deliver in various Amount of colors. White (RAL9016), grey (RAL9006), black (RAL9005) or even in chrome.
  • Standard the tableframe is suitable for tabletop 1600mm x 800mm. We have also in our program versions for 1200mm or 2400mm width. Other dimensions are on request.
  • 2-stroke (500mm), 3-stroke (650mm) or fixed height.

The electrical versions are equipped with LOGICDATA components, the controlebox is a SMART-e-2 controlbox. If you rather have a battery solution, we will deliver the table with SMARTneoPRO with a LOGICcell.

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