Producten Inline spindle drive 3120

Inline spindle drive 3120

  • Simple mounting
  • Integrated Hall sensors
  • Single telescopic function
  • Works with LOGICDATA


Inline spindle drive 3120

Motorized solution for the individual sit-stand workplace. Stepless height adjustment to customer specific stroke.

As a result of the modular design it is possible to meet spezial customer requirements even for small quantities. The actuator can be supplied with various spindle lengths and different spindle pitches.

Model 3120.00-V01EXXXHXXX 3120.00-V02EXXXHXXX
Motor DC Motor 24 V DC Motor 24 V
Sensor/Power supply Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A
Protection class IP30 IP30
Duty cycle 20% (at 5 min.) 20% (at 5 min.)
Idle running speed 100 rpm (24 V)
150 rpm *
100 rpm (24 V)
150 rpm *
Stroke max. retracted height -111 mm retracted height -109 mm
Type of spindle SG14x16P4 RH ** SG14x16P4 RH **
Max. lifting force 800 N 800 N
Max. drive torque 3 Nm 3 Nm
Movement speed 43 mm/s 43 mm/s


Please take into account that depending on the spindle pitch, the system could back-drive.

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