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Producten Scissor Lift System

Scissor Lift System

  • Load up to: 2000 N
  • Installation height: 80 mm
  • Lift height: 300 mm
  • Suitable for SMART-e-2 or COMPACT-e-x


Scissor Lift System (electric adjustable)

The scissor lift is a very compact yet very powerful system. Clever engineering ensures an impressive lifting force of 200 kg over 300 mm, with an installation height of only 80 mm.

Ideal specifications for electric wheelchairs as well as for many other applications. The standard configuration consists of easy to install top and bottom frames and the power is supplied by a 24 V DC electric actuator that can be controlled by a control box.

It is also possible to control multiple scissor lifts synchronously with the control boxes type 'COMPACT' by using a cascade system.

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