Screenlift S


Monitor/ TV Lift for installation in furniture

Cost-efficient, compact lifting system for screens up to 24” and weights up to 25 kg. The system can be supplied with any stroke up to 750 mm. Even for single piece delivery.

Very low noise level allows applications in noise sensitive areas.

Ket-Screen Lift Small  Standard  Short  Basic 
Stroke max. 750 mm max. 750 mm max. 750 mm
Retracted length Stroke +219 mm Stroke +157 mm Stroke +215 mm
Max. load   250 N 250 N 250 N
Max. screen size 24” 24” 24”
Movement speed 90 mm/s 90 mm/s 90 mm/s
Item number  4701.00-V03HXXXX 4701.00-V05HXXXX 4701.00-V07HXXXX

Safetystrip (anti-pinch strip) can be connected (control box COMPACT-e-x)

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