Below you will find an overview of the available software per supplier. Feel free to contact us for questions.

For loading software files (.lpf) in controllers; COMPACT-e-x and SMART-e-x:

*You will need DotNet Framework 4.5, available at

**You will need DotNet Framework 3.5, available at

For loading software files (.mca) in controllers LogicS and LogicB:

Driver for USB Programming cables:​​

For use with C2-30:

EM-326 & Ementool for iPhone and Android device:

  • Wireless operation, no need to open housing
  • Parameter names and default parameter loading
  • Connect quickly between devices, all devices using EM326 are shown on the list
  • Controlling, use iPhone for remote controlling a device
  • Program updating  

C2-20 parameter setting tool (Ementool):

Ementool is a java application running in 32bit envirronment on Windows. 
You can use it to program the C2-20 controller.
Please start reading the manual.
If you do not already have java installed then download it from:

For use with C3:

A zip file with help files and application setup file.

For use with C4:

A zip file with help files and application setup file.

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